Remembering Sex and the City: 10 Points

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I never actually watched the Sex and the City series until way after it was off the air. I came across the DVD's in the library one summer afternoon, when I still lived in Ft. Lauderdale. I rented Season 3, Disc 2. Which was weird for me, considering I always have to watch everything in order. I remember flying through the episodes and heading back to the library for more. After finishing Season 3, I purchased the book and the box set.

I thought I would commemorate some of my favorite Carrie Bradshaw moments today:

1. How Vogue fed her.
2. When she became fashion roadkill.
3. Shooting the cover of her book with sky-high stilettos and a pink mac laptop.
4. The night she left Aidan in bed for a glow-in-the-dark club.
5. Sharing a corner of a Parisian cafe with a huge dog and a cigarette.
6. Fainting at the extravagant gestures from Aleksandr Petrovsky to later dancing at McDonald's in a pink, Oscar de la Renta dress.

Only Carrie, right?

7. What about the time she wore a myriad of pearls around her neck to dinner.
8. In season 6, Carrie lost a pair of Manolo Blahnik silver d'Orsays after going to a party.
9. And we all remember how she got dumped by a Post-it, right?
10. What about running in heels chasing after Aidan's dog Pete in the middle of the night?

She set trends, recycled them and renewed them. She even invented new fashion rules. For instance tracks shorts and heels, Gucci fanny-packs, or a Juicy Couture tube dress paired with a blazer. Things we never would have thought to do before Carrie, or Patricia Fields. "Carrie Bradshaw" was and still is “IT”!

OK, so by now you can probably tell that Carrie Bradshaw is my favorite, as she is for practically every other woman who watches the show. She is the most relatable after all. I adore her quirky scream and infectious laughter. Oh, and her insatiable taste for pricey shoes, Vogue and handsome men. However, I can't help but love the other three as well. Let's not forget Samantha, who always said what I was thinking, out loud and crystal clear! She always made me giggle or blush. Miranda could be bossy and rather cynical, yeah I can be that way sometimes too. And Charlotte, the soft spoken, always pulled together brunette. Although, not quite as naïve, I'm just as old fashioned when it comes to love and romance.

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