Marc Jacobs and Kate Moss in Fashion

Kate Moss, Fashion model, Style
Kate Moss, Fashion model, Style
Kate Moss, Fashion model, Style
Kate Moss, Fashion model, Style
Kate Moss, Fashion model, Style
Kate Moss, Fashion model, Style

Books have been written (see below) about Kate Moss and her legendary sense of style. She has turned some of the simplest wardrobe staples into must-have pieces. To list a few: Blazers, denim cut offs, slouchy boots (a la Vivienne Westwood Pirate style) and the fringed Minnetonka style. Hunter Wellies, vintage dresses, fur coats, floppy hats, stripes and skinny jeans can also be spotted on Moss day and night. Mixing and matching is Kate's utmost specialty.

Kate doesn’t seem to let fame affect her either. She parties, goes makeup free and lives her love life out in the open. She is Kate Moss, take it or leave it. I'll take it!

Kate Moss, Fashion model, Style
Marc Jacobs, Kate Moss, Fashion model, Style
Marc Jacobs, Fashion, Style

It was 2004 when Marc Jacobs first caught my attention. His colorful and fun Marc by Marc Jacobs line was what drew me in. Youthful, refreshing and feminine all rolled into one. Maybe it was Marissa Cooper (from The OC) wearing his pretty sweaters, flirty frocks and flats or when he spearheaded Louis Vuitton's first RTW Collection, either way I was hooked on Marc. He exudes confidence, his creativity is through the roof and he inspires me to grab fashion by the horns and throw every single rule out of the window. Fashion is about self expression and that is what Marc Jacobs encompasses in every single one of his collections, collaborations and fragrances.

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Luna 04/19/2011 05:40

i love all the images you chose of kate! she is so amazing, i love that im in the same city as her right now! if only i could run into her! life would be complete. if of course the olsens were there too...

classiq 04/19/2011 04:40

Her style continues to have such an influence on fashion and street style. I haven't read any book about her, but regarding my current reading, I've just finished "Coco Chanel: the legend and the life" and I can't wait to start another one: "A Matter of Style: intimate portraits of 10 women who changed fashion"

▲ Nicci St. Bruce ▲ 04/18/2011 16:10

go kate! She will always rock

Kimberly 04/18/2011 15:55

love all the photos of kate she looks stunning in every single one! love her!

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theartofbeingfashionable 04/18/2011 15:27

really love his collections.. fun, light, and a little kooky - what else could you ask for!