Hot Pink Lipstick

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This weekend I ventured off the nude lip for a bit and plunged into hot pink. I want to start experimenting with more and more lip colors. From fire engine red to almost orange. Suggestions? Favorites?

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if you can get your hands on it "candy yum yum" by MAC is the hottest matte neon pink. i dream of wearing it all summer in my bikini and shades.
Looks so really good on you :)
Hi erika! you made my day, i am so happy that you visited my blog and replied to my query ;-)

i love lipsticks, my fave for reds are: Chanel - Dragon (#75), MAC Ruby Woo and Mac Red, for hot pinks: MAC Girl About Town, Full Fuschia and Gimme That lipglass, for nude pinks: MAC Pink Nouveau and Saint Germain, for orange: MAC Morange and Lady Danger.
Fave oranges on me:

Topshop Rio Rio - wearing in current post although it looks red in pic : (

MAC So Chaud - a dull orange. Extremely wearable.

MAC M'Orange - high voltage bright orange. Think acid orange

MAC Lady Danger - same as MOrange but tinged with red.

fave pink

MAC Show Orchid + another by MAC that escapes me. I have it at home: Its a beautiful bubble gum pink.