Skinny jeans and Ballet flats

skinny jeans, fashion
skinny jeans, fashion
Urban Outfitters blazer, Topshop skinny jeans, Salvatore Ferragamo flats, Melie Bianco bag

This is what I was wearing the day I cut my hair. I always turn to skinny jeans when I don't know what to wear. I threw on the blazer because it was chilly outside and finished with flats. I'm a huge fan of the skinny jean silhouette. I'm also keen on wearing black, especially with flats. It's comfortable but still sassy, in a way. When I used to work at Barneys New York, my supervisors would always tell me I looked great in black and should wear it as often as possible. That's one compliment I've taken to heart and will never let go... When in doubt? Wear black.

Thank you Rebecca for featuring me on your Blog, here.


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Anonymous 07/03/2011 17:01

I love your black ballet flats.

Sara 03/05/2011 18:43

This is simple, classic and elegant. I love it!

Erin Baskin 03/04/2011 11:06

I'm just like you! Always grab skinnies when I'm running late. Instant chic. Hope you have a fab weekend!

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