Sandals for Summer

Wedge sandals, shoes, Audrey Hepburn
edge sandals, shoes
Matiko wedges

These gorgeous sandals will marry my Summer wardrobe well this season. My favorite part is how the wedge matches the upper structure. I'm not a fan of light cork wedges paired with a darker upper. This look is a lot more subtle. Did I mention Jessica Stroup is also a fan?

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Juelz 03/13/2011 17:20

These are PERFECT! I'm not a fan of cork bottom and dark upper either. It usually looks kinda tacky that way - not always but for the most part. But these are just beautiful.

Nikki 03/07/2011 12:02

These are amazing! x

Dakota Fashion 03/07/2011 01:53

Love Matikos... check out their brand new website its amazing

Delmy 03/06/2011 23:59

Those are pretty comfy! I had them in fuschia last year.

Kat 03/06/2011 18:58

On occasion, a cork wedge is the only thing that will do. But more often than not, it just breaks up the foot/leg-line too much. Love the crocodile going on with that pair!