Back from MBFW

New York Fashion Week, Tory Burch
One of the shows I had to miss because I was out of town. :(
Anna Selezneva, New York Fashion Week
Hands down one of my favorite models, Anna Selezneva.
New York Snow Globe
A little kitschy souvenir. This way I can always remember a snowy version of New York City.
New York Fashion Week, Outfit
I wore sequins and khaki last September during NYFW. I kind of kept along the same neutral lines this season as well... you'll see. ;)
New York Fashion Week, Outfit

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was a blast! Thanks to all the shows that invited me out. Hopefully next season I won't be traveling, so I can make them all. I have plenty of pictures to share from the shows I attended and stories to tell as well. I'm sifting through everything now. ...Stay tuned!

* * *
PS. If you emailed me while I was away, I'll respond back soon. I have 568 new messages in my inbox. Yipes!

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that top is fantastic. x
beautiful pics!
I LOVE your blog!!!! xx
Beautiful photos! & You're so lucky that you went to NYFW. : )
I'm sure you had a blast... can't wait to see more pics!