Milkshakes + Topshop

Topshop boots
fashion outfit
winter fashion
agate ring
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Topshop boots, over the knee boots, Fashion
Fashion coat
Givenchy Nightingale bag, Fashion boots
Fashion hat
{Vintage Coat and sweater, Topshop boots, Asos hat, James Jeans Twiggy Karma, Nightingale bag, Alex & Vina Agate ring}

I'm excited to announce that February will be starting off on a positive note for me. First I'll fly out west to LA for a yet to be revealed photo shoot/campaign. Then I'll jet back East for New York Fashion Week. Let me know your favorite dining and shopping haunts on both coasts. I hope to see some of you around.

Have a great Wednesday!

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Obat sipilis 02/02/2015 07:02

Stephanie 01/31/2011 22:18

So cute! love the second shot!! milkshakes are so good! i rarely have them though cause of the dairy factor ;) but lately ive been drinking strawberry soy milk which is so good, it almost, almost makes up for the lack of milkshakes in my life lol! ;)

xx have fun in feb fashionably jet setting!

Bren Herrera 01/29/2011 22:59

I'm loving that black ring.. pure hotness! have a great weekend.

B So Chic!

Chantal 01/29/2011 05:41

Beautiful boots.
Very nice your blog.
Passes from me.. Vogue Chantal.

Karen 01/28/2011 12:11

I still can't find THE perfect thigh high black leather boots.


: )

Karen x