Fashion Magazines

Fashion magazines

I have bookshelves, and some trunks, stocked with issues of ELLE (my favorite!) Vogue, Nylon, Marie Claire and Allure. I covet the International and September issues the most. I even have Teen Vogue and Elle girl issues conserved from many moons ago. However, when traveling, considering I treasure those aforementioned and dare not bend them... I prefer stashing Life & Style, In Touch, Us Weekly, People and Vanidades in my bag. Are you like me? Or am I alone in the fashion magazine/tabloid collecting obsession?

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Kimberlee 02/01/2011 10:59

Now you don't make me feel so bad about my collection as well. I recently wrote a post about all the fashion magazines I have and how my family teases me that I'm hoarder because of it. But many have come to my defense :)

Caramel Blonde 01/30/2011 13:48

haha I keep ever one as well...

Natali 01/30/2011 12:51

Oh girl, you are not alone about this!!

BARGAIN BEX 01/30/2011 11:35

oh goodness ... you are most definitely not alone ... i had to finally go and buy a big ol' pink trunk to stash my 'zines that is currently sitting prettily at the end of my bed.


Marloes. 01/30/2011 04:12

I also have a closet filled with fashon magazines. I absolutely love them! I read them twice, and after that I use them for my style book.
You are defenitely not alone in this obsession haha