Black Agate Ring

fashion ring, agate stone, audrey hepburn
Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffanys, Ring
Mirror, Fashion ring

I always fall for three things: chunky knits, clean-cut boys and oversize rings. This beautiful ring was sent to me courtesy of Alex and Vina. I chose a dark Agate stone for Winter, one that I can happily mix into my Spring/Summer wardrobe as well.

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Obat sipilis 02/02/2015 07:41

Carlos 01/25/2011 05:07

Now using your animated icon! Thanks sis.... Have a fantastic blogging day!

Emily Jean 01/24/2011 14:31

super cool ring!

Hanna 01/24/2011 07:19

Massive rings are the perfect accessory. I believe that they alone can pull an outfit together, as long as they are vibrant and huge!

Lauren 01/23/2011 20:01

I love huge rings too! They add such a pop to an outfit just by putting them on. Great choice :)