The Anthropologist

fingerless gloves, acid wash skinny jeans, bdg
Two years later and I'm still in love with these jeans.
Givenchy Nightingale bag
mickey mouse, urban outfitters, fiorentini + baker boots
Vintage Coat, YSL
{Vintage Coat, Forever 21 Mickey Mouse sweater, Etre Touchy gloves, BDG skinny jeans, Nightingale bag, Fiorentini + Baker boots}

I wanted to let all of my lovely readers know how much I appreciate your feedback. Not one of your comments or emails goes unnoticed. In fact, right after work, my favorite part of the evening includes sitting down to read each and every one. I feel as if I have a great group of friends in all corners of the World. Thank you for making me smile every night. Your taking the time to comment, really means a lot. I love you guys.

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