Snow Falls

Before jetting off to New York, for a single day, it snowed here in Raleigh. I had to go outside and play.

{Vintage coat, Scarf via Marshalls, Coach Sabrina satchel, Joe's Jeans, Timberland boots}

Next time, I'll make a Snowman family....

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**OnYxStA** 12/28/2010 14:56

let it snow!
like this post a lot :)

Anonymous 12/18/2010 21:35

I cant believe you live in Raleigh! I have been reading your blog for months and I never put two and two together to notice that you live in NC. I live here too, crazy! Keep up the great work!

jeanine romo 12/15/2010 18:21

Amazing pics!! The snow looks amazing

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