New York, I Love.

{Vintage coat, Target thermals, Forever 21 scarf, So Low leggings, Urban Outfitters Ecote bag, Fiorentini + Baker boots}

{I bought this Print while in Soho. Check out his collection of pieces here.}

My Favorite Things About New York:

+ Hole-in-the-Wall restaurants
+ Walking for miles... drinking in the atmosphere and the people around me.
+ Pinkberry!
+ Soho
+ The High Energy
+ I feel at home...


I'm on Netflix. Recommend away your best Netflix suggestions. I signed up for both mail and instant online streaming. It's an early Christmas present to myself. I see one movie or show every night before bed....

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rossovelvet 12/17/2010 18:20

Brilliant purple-themed post!
Have really really nice holidays darling!

Eyeliner & Wallpaper 12/17/2010 13:43

Love the boots, and I also have that bag!


Marguerite 12/17/2010 12:26

Love it! I share the same loves of NY too! (especially the walking for much to see in every different neighborhood)

You should just go for it and move there! (we could use another roomie in starting in Feb......!!!) :)


Tszuji Shoe Storage 12/17/2010 07:36

Oh my what absolutely fabby Fiorentini + Baker boots!! Love Love Love!

KIRAFASHION 12/15/2010 13:56

me too, you look lovely in nYC...