Moon Safari

Before leaving for New York, I took advantage of the leg baring weather.

{Christian Dior vintage sweater, Forever 21 necklace, Aryn K skirt, Balenciaga sandals}

A few little birds told me to keep smiling in my photographs. I swear I smile and laugh in real life. I just forget to do it on camera, sometimes... ;)

Anyway, what movies make you laugh? Who are your favorite actors? My picks would have to be: Tom Hanks and Michael J. Fox, especially in the eighties. I really want to rent some comedies, suggest away!!!

(More to come on New York and Coach, soon*)

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Ursula 12/08/2010 23:21

Nice leggggsssssss!!!

Elizabeth Benfield 12/01/2010 13:19

great legs!

monty python and the holy grail :)

Megan Meenan 11/29/2010 17:56

Love those heels and love the use of mixing christian dior and forever 21 !!

Naughty Baubles 11/26/2010 18:12

You look so stunning in this outfit!!! Love everything!!!


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anteater 11/21/2010 08:11

i think your outfit is just great. i love balenciaga shoes and black vintage sweater also looks amazing.