Coach Holiday Campaign

The Coach Holiday Launch Party was a great success!! When I was first approached by Coach to be a part of this incredible Campaign I was thrilled. Creative Director Reed Krakoff did a wonderful job photographing us for the campaign. I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Coach, as they are always so professional. It's no wonder Coach is such a loved brand. Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate. It was exciting to meet my New York based readers face to face.

{Ok, so I couldn't remember all 8 reindeer on camera, I froze... haha.}

More pictures still to come, from the Coach Party in Soho last Friday...

This weekend our pictures are set to debut in select Coach stores globally....

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4th&fifth 11/29/2010 18:36

Wow Congratulations Erika!!! I don't know if you remember me from one fine day. I quit that blog about 2 years ago. haha. i'm trying to start up another one just to keep myself entertained. I'll talk to you soon!!

Luna 11/22/2010 18:16

this is amazing! im obsessed

BareTreads 11/21/2010 13:29

wow that's awesome good for you!

rossovelvet 11/20/2010 16:04

Jesus Christ you're so natural and adorable! See, here's the movie ;)
I'm really glad to see you in this advert - would definitely be someone I could relate to!

No victims, No fashion 11/19/2010 13:01


You look much better with this hair, I have to repeat it!

Kissssssssss gorgeous!