Cowl scarves, pink lipstick and cat eyes.

A gremlin doll.

Chunky leopard coat.

Ps. I was recently interviewed by Tigertem here. Thanks!

Sources: nastygal, tfs, stockholm streetstyle

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Megan Hawley 10/23/2010 03:08

I absolutely want a coat like that!

caylee 10/16/2010 00:12

wanting everything in the first and last pics, and the gremlin is such an unexpected yet adorable addition to your wishlist!

weallaregolden 10/15/2010 02:28

I love the scarves! :) They are too die for! And I love the makeup used. It's SO good. love love. :)

L in progress 10/14/2010 18:33

love love love the GILES gremlin!!

Valou 10/12/2010 14:41

yeah I want too a cowl scarves it's very good for the winter