{Chaser Nirvana raglan, Rave jacket, Seven for all Mankind jeans, Pierre Hardy x Gap wedges, Foley + Corinna bag}

I remember when initially moving to North Carolina last October, the weather left an impact on this girl hailing from Miami. One year later and I am easily adjusting to and loving the varying Seasons.

Last October, I also watched My So Called Life in full. I've decided to make it my personal fall tradition as I have started watching it all over again. How is it that every time, I spot something new? Angela Chase dives and dips into plaid and flannel with such ease. Pieces that look as soft as pajamas and mimic Pendleton in design are her high school uniform. She listens to Stone Temple Pilots, The Cranberries and Smashing Pumpkins as much as I did then ...and still do now...

The Nineties, preserved in a tidy little capsule of 19 episodes.

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Jamie Sanford 11/14/2010 18:57

You've just reminded me that I have MSCL on DVD and haven't watched it yet. I remember watching that show while growing up in FL, wishing I lived somewhere with seasons, and today, I rolled around in gorgeous fall leaves. I think I'll be watching that today.

by.Kim 11/03/2010 10:59

love your blog !

nice outfit

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caylee 11/01/2010 21:54

such a cool look erika. and i LOVE stp and smashing pumpkins too!

Luna 10/29/2010 22:06

sounds good! let me know whenever you have time
this is actually really amazing because I have never met another fashion blogger in raleigh. we might be the only two! <3
and maybe the only two who own influence by MK&A.;