The Great Pumpkin

{Fiorentini + Baker boots, Foley + Corinna bag}

How was your weekend? I took a much needed break from the internet. It seems to have paid off. Saturday was spent enjoying the beautiful weather in the park with a Chik-fil-A picnic, picking pumpkins, deer watching and an impromptu sighting of Lauren Conrad. The pumpkin impressive, the food mouth watering and Lauren as perfectly polished and pretty as pictures convey.

The leggings are by So Low.

PS: Congrats to Hannah, the winner of the Faux Fox Tail keychain. Thanks to everyone who participated.

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Erin 10/27/2010 11:38

I love pumpkin patch visits! It's THE autumn thing to do!

Your post reminds me of how I need to take a break from the Internet. Though, I suppose a 2-day drive from Los Angeles to Omaha should have served that purpose. ;)

Blake Miley 10/26/2010 14:37

Halloween is definetly a great time of the year. The holidays are right around the corner!

fashion trends 10/26/2010 13:47

Reminded me that I NEED to go pumpkin picking! Gr8 backdrop for photos, too.

Blicious 10/25/2010 14:06

gorgeous pics!!


helga 10/25/2010 13:38

Cool photos!