Gillian Zinser on 90210

Really want her sweater. Where can I find it?

I screen-capped this off itunes.

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Obatkutil kelamin 08/27/2015 04:28


mac and mac 11/03/2010 13:41

H&M;, my roomate has it!

Adrianna Traxler 10/30/2010 00:42

Asos or Topshop. I love her style in and out of the show!

lauren 10/28/2010 11:03

its from H&M;!!! my roommate and i both bought it a few weeks ago!

Anonymous 10/27/2010 03:47

i have olrady bought taht jumper.
in the h&m; in the Netherlands.
my friend also has it.

i love it
espcially when jou wear it whit a slim black dress.

xxx jelske