Ports 1961 SS 2011

In her 2011 SS assemblage, Fiona Cibani impeccably captured air, sea and sand at its most luxurious. The ethereal collection was brimming with jewel tones. The distinct draping merged flawlessly with the soft silhouettes and iridescent accessories. Silks, cottons and linens highlighted an alluring picture of Summer in the Sahara.

{Freja Beha Erichsen}

{Tao Okamoto}

{Anna Selezneva}

{Andi Arthur}

{Charlotte Di Calypso}

{Hilary Rhoda}

{Lindsay Ellingson}

{Magdalena Frackowiak}

{Sigrid Agren}

{Freja Beha in my Dream gown}


{Lindsey and I}

I had the rare pleasure of sitting front row, where I was able to drink in the memorable ambiance.


Up Next: My Behind-the-Scenes Tour of the Ports 1961 Showroom...

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Lady Bouvier 09/21/2010 11:53

The truth is that the show was beautiful, wearable, and modern, but gets docked points for a lack of innovation. A collection that references the 1970s but doesn’t look “retro” will sell well, and the two show-ending gowns are bound to end up on the red carpet.


tina_mbc 09/19/2010 18:44

Is this the outfit you got a compliment on from Olivia Palermo?
I can see why, LOVE everything!!!!


Interno Bellezza 09/17/2010 00:02

Great pictures! and Lindsay Ellingson is so so pretty...

Tiffany's Small World 09/15/2010 14:35

love the dream dress!you look great!

- http://tiffanyssmallworld.blogspot.com

Stephanie 09/15/2010 09:49


Great pictures! you captured the shoe really well!