Ports 1961 Showroom

{Checking out the SS 2011 Runway ready pieces}

{Anna Selezneva in fitting}

{Freja Beha}

{Model Board}

{Bregje Heinen}


{Freja in my Dream dress}

{I'm infatuated with pastels}

{Royalty -I love Purple!}

{C'est Fini!}

I've always thought of blogging as a hobby. I never knew that one day it could land me in the Ports 1961 showroom, oohing and ahhing over the most beautiful pieces of clothing with Anna Selezneva in close proximity... thanks for joining me on my Tour.

Special thanks to Samantha and Tony for having me, you guys are amazing!!

Press Play: [►] 2AM Club Worry About You {and} Beach House Norway

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Vani 09/14/2011 13:49

Amazing collection! The dresses are beautiful.
It must have been great to be in the show room!


tina_mbc 10/04/2010 16:00

You truly are a lucky gal! :)
Thanks for sharing!


DebbieJ 09/21/2010 09:10

This is such a great opportunity for you, congrats for that!
I'm in love with the first outfit Freja is wearing, sooo beautiful!




caylee 09/20/2010 17:45

this is so cool! i almost think it'd be funner to be backstage in the midst of all of the beautiful chaos than to watch the show. ok, almost :)

Carolina Krews 09/17/2010 05:16

Love this post! xx