Lingering Thoughts

I would like to know how you stumbled across Fashion Chalet. And what keeps you coming back? What would you like to see more of?

Thanks to the support of all of you, I am strongly motivated!


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shine shoes 03/29/2011 14:42

was searching for some shoes and i liked the picture google found and went ahead to the source. the rest is history. love your writing. more shoes! ;)

Melissa 11/18/2010 17:30

Looking at Skinny F21 !

Tawa 10/10/2010 12:22

You are pretty! I found your blog via karla's closet today! Will be visiting often.

Anonymous 09/23/2010 01:12

Bloglovin probs. I think your blog was one of the first i found. You have quite timeless style.

You should smile more. It really softens the mood + you look very pretty.

Aye See 09/20/2010 06:29

I found you via BlogLovin. I keep coming back for the great photos.