Lincoln Center, Fashion's Debut!

{Hanneli in between shows.}

{With Lindsey before the Ports 1961 show began.}

{Olivia Palermo, backstage. Gracious as ever.}

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ysl shoes 09/27/2010 01:52

Your pictures are so cute

cheap christian loutboutin shoes 09/27/2010 01:51

All beautiful women!

ugg boots australia 09/27/2010 01:50

these are great photos!

enjoyourselfwithstyle 09/25/2010 20:27

Olivia is a DIVA!!
Loved the frames! Nice!

JJ Scholl 09/22/2010 12:18

how wonderful that you were able to attend some of the shows. oh, i miss it. ps- hanneli is just too cool.
JJ Scholl