MK Olsen in Marie Claire / Rings

{ Marie Claire, September 2010 }

Yesterday my eyes couldn't help wandering over to the magazine rack at the market. Mary-Kate Olsen and her baby doll eyes stared straight ahead as they twinkled out of the vast, glossy sea.

Upon devouring the article, I increasingly became more infatuated with Mary-Kate and her sister Ashley. I've always been fond of their sense of style, confidence and pallor. A particular section, mid-article, points out how close they are and how much support they give one another. "Other half" MK calls it. It's great to see how a family can come together, and stay together, instead of letting the media pull it apart or get tarnished by fame.

At the end of the editorial, Mary-Kate is described as lighting up whenever she starts to talk about Fashion. I feel the very same way!

* * *

Mary-Kate and I both share an unbridled love for excessively chunky rings. I tried to cram as many of my favorites as I possibly could into this vintage pewter soap dish.

{ Forever 21, YSL, Urban Outfitters, Noir and Vintage rings }

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Luna 10/29/2010 18:02

I have literally read that article a dozen times, she and ashley are my favorite. that was my favorite part of the article (the lighting up part) because its exactly how I feel about fashion!

caylee 08/20/2010 23:00

i have yet to get this issue, and it's making me so mad. i need it nooooowwww!
and god your ring collection is amazing. i wanna dig into this bowl of goodies!

Aahna 08/19/2010 23:13

am a madly ring lover-collector. The chunky rings are the best.

rossovelvet 08/19/2010 11:09

Rings are my favourite item as well!!!! Cheap and you can buy tons of them! I love to buy some in every city I visit so then it's like memories to me ;D

How are you by the way sweet Erica?
I'm sorry I missed so many articles, my holidays were kind of... long ahah!!! But now I'm back for good with rossovelvet!!!!

Anna Pope 08/16/2010 05:40

I used to hate wearing rings, just hated it. But something just clicked in my brain about an year ago and I just want to pile them on! The bigger the better :D

I really admire MK. To grow in this industry since you're practically in diapers and still end up normal in the head? Now that's a feat!