The Little Black Dress

{Ann Taylor dress, Michele watch, Vintage cardigan, Forever 21 headband, Aldo pumps}

When I found out that Fashion Chalet was invited to join this remarkable challenge I couldn't wait to try on the dress. The Little Black Dress is an essential, classic and iconic piece for any woman's wardrobe. So much so that it has even coined the acronym, LBD.
I first wanted to pair it with ballet flats. When the dress finally arrived I realized that with its longer length hem, a heel would not only better elongate the leg but also complement the sophisticated design. Red is my favorite color to play with whenever I want to add a bit of zing to my look. Voila, the red belt.

To see this dress previously worn in 22 distinct ways, you can check them out here. And keep checking back, as this experiment runs through August 31st.
You can peruse the list of SPONSORS for The Little Black Dress Tours America to follow and fan them on Twitter and Facebook.
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*DISCLOSURE: Everyone in the Little Black Dress "tour" is participating voluntarily and no one- including me- is being financially compensated for their involvement. I will note however that each blogger is being provided the Ann Taylor dress to style for her look as well as a number of gifts from tour sponsors to include in her look or review separately, during the month of August.

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