Breakfast at Starbucks

{ Alexander Wang tank, James Jeans Twiggy Karma, Pineapple oxfords, Vintage bag and sunglasses }

A closer look at my outfit below. That day was so hot. I had to eventually shed my leather jacket. I wish I could ask Alexander Wang how he makes his tops so soft...

When I walked into Starbucks to place my order, I almost gasped out loud. There was this guy in line that I swear was either really Ed Westwick (the now infamous Chuck Bass on Gossip girl) or his identical twin. Funny thing is when he placed his order he put his name down as Dan....

PS. Thanks for the Features: James Jeans and College Fashionista !!

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Naughty Baubles 08/24/2010 17:13

casual chic it!!


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caylee 08/20/2010 22:39

perfect head to toe. you wish you could ask wang how he gets his tops so soft, i just wish i could own a wang tank! lol.
and what if it was ed in line? that'd be awesome!

rossovelvet 08/19/2010 11:12

Oooohh, brilliant!
I love your oxfords! I have to buy a pair, do you have a tip maybe?

Liliana 08/18/2010 17:04

Everything looks so perfect here in this outfit like the tank top or the Oxford shoes.

ilovefashion 08/17/2010 05:46

ah love the shoes, realllyyy need to get myself a pair like them!