Bedrock Blazer

{ Gifted Geisha Pearl Vintage blue blazer, Motel bodysuit, Senso Wilma booties (courtesy of Solestruck), Gifted Chocolate handbag }

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These are the perfect boots for Fall. I have a feeling they'll look great with jeans. I do, however, have small ankles and sometimes I am left with extra space in my boots. Am I alone on this? I was told it's normal.

What's better than snacking on Chocolate? How about carrying Chocolate on your arm?


When I think blazer, I think Fashion Week. Is that odd? This year, I am planning on spending my Birthday in New York, during Fashion Week. Who's going? What shows will you be attending? Maybe I'll see you there?

PS. Thanks for Featuring me on StyleCaster and The Hot District :)

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peggy 09/10/2010 22:37


caylee 08/20/2010 23:01

you look amazing.
those shoes are definitely perfect for fall. and no, you're not the only one with small ankles!

i wish i was going to nyfw so we could meet up. i'd wear a blazer. LOL :)

Andrea 08/14/2010 04:23

You look amazing :)

Flor de Maria 08/13/2010 18:19

I love the blazer and the booties...and you can pull it off like no other :)

AlvianaKalin 08/11/2010 01:01