Restaurant City

We Are Rubbish Lace Panel Shirtdress, Silvana Danies Horn Necklace, SOLD Design Lab skinny jeans, Nightingale bag.

Turquoise is one of my favorite accessories.

Jeffrey Campbell Mariel wedges (Solestruck)

New York is known for its busy streets and gourmet dining. I have come to realize that the options are endless when it comes to choosing. Dinner at Pastis was nothing short of delectable. The fries were extremely delicious and were teasing me with their aroma from the moment I walked in.

I chose the spinach raviolis while Karen and Alejandro both ordered fish.

Dessert quickly followed:

Sticky Toffee Pudding (my favorite, hands down!!) with vanilla ice cream

...and Strawberry Shortcake with fresh cream.

After dinner we all went for a spin around the City. Times Square lit up at night still makes me gasp..

We ended the evening with chilled champagne and Pretty in Pink in bed.

View from the Hotel room.

{ Ph. Alejandro J. }

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Adrianna Traxler 07/25/2010 20:12

1st off i cant wait to live in NY and 2nd im totally obsessed with those wedges

Lucia ♥ 07/24/2010 14:00

Oh loveee this post and love new york!

Restaurant City 07/22/2010 19:58

Hot pictures, keep up the good work. You are making me want to go out to eat now and get some of that wonderful looking desert! It is obvious you haven't been eating too much of it yourself though, or you would be much bigger! :)

Stephanie 07/22/2010 14:19

The picture of the view is gorgeousssssssssss can i please have your shoes?!!!! JC makes the best inspired-by footwear!

thanks for your comment today, lady ;) xx