From Miami to New York

I'm back from Miami.

Surrounded by the breezy sea air, I felt like a gypsy walking through the sand with my hamsa detailed scarf and long, flowy dress.

Otrera hamsa scarf, Old Navy dress, Gap denim jacket.

PS. I'll be in Soho next week.

Oh, how I'd love to eventually make New York my home. I feel so alive whenever I'm in the City, I can't explain it exactly. Any recommendations on what to see, where to shop and most importantly where to dine?

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caylee 07/21/2010 18:37

you look beautiful on the beach. i love the striped maxi with the denim jacket!

tres tippy 07/14/2010 19:27

wish i had seen this post sooner, i could have given some suggestions. hope you are having an amazing time in nyc :)

Tangent Magazine 07/13/2010 19:20

That Hamsa detail scarf is divine!

xo Tangent Mag

kelly frances 07/13/2010 15:07

ive wanted a maxi like that for a while.. old navy - good to know!


++MIRA++ 07/13/2010 15:03

dining suggestions: morimotos, le bernadin,per se, wd 50, aquavit, momofuku...i can keep going, but htose are more high end dining and need reso's.oo..try to hunt down the food trucks on twitter. u can never go wrong w that.