I'm in Miami just for the day. I flew down last night for some blog related meetings. Alejandro couldn't come, so I had to rely on my timer and tripod for these.

Elizabeth & James deconstructed tee, BDG cigarette jeans, Roman sandals, Vintage sunglasses, Forever 21 Eiffel tower tote.

Forever 21 chains and gifted Unicorn charm necklace.

Am I the only one who takes delight in reading archived magazines? Since I have a semi-large collection stowed away in a somewhat chronological order in bookshelves, I tend to grab a few to take on the plane. I'm a big fan of ELLE. So it was quite exciting to see myself featured here. Thank you so much, ELLE.

Forever 21 rings and fountains are a few of my favorite things.
{ I'm trying out extensions for a shoot. I missed my long hair. }

A closer look at the detail of these marvelous acid washed jeans from Urban Outfitters.

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Luna 10/29/2010 18:14

LOVE doing that, i love ebaying old ones to read and then save forever. i love reading vogues from the 90's even though they're so out of date. I wish the library kept old ones instead of destroying them, it seems criminal.

caylee 07/21/2010 18:39

you're traveling all over the place lately! lucky girl :)
acid wash jeans are always so cool, and i love how you styled them.

Megan 07/14/2010 14:19

the bag is definitely a new fav. love that gifted Unicorn charm necklace. It reminds me of Persona Charms.

x. Megs

Imme 07/14/2010 13:11

simple but really pretty!

edk.dolce 07/12/2010 21:39

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