Barnes and Noble

Gifted Monday Martini boyfriend blazer, Aviator Nation racerback, Gap jeans, Havaianas flip flops.

One of my favorite weekend rituals is hitting the bookstore to pick up fashion magazines, browse the books, down iced lattes and fill my ears with classical music.

Question: Did Starbucks discontinue the Cinnamon Dolce latte for good? :(

Before the intermittent rain set in, I took these with my new camera. I decided to splurge on my own digital SLR camera. When Alejandro isn't around I can always approach my best friend, brother or Mom to take photos of me. I also enjoy taking pictures myself, it's been a hobby since high school, I loved that class; creepy dark room and all.

{ Vogue Paris, Kate Moss, Vogue UK and Freja Beha Erichesen }

You can check out Monday Martini for more fabulous and affordable finds here.

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bravegrrl 08/04/2010 02:41

i lounging with books and coffee :)

caylee 08/04/2010 01:05

sounds like the perfect way to spend a weekend. and i thought you already had a DSLR?! lol, well now you do, congrats!

Jaycelle 08/04/2010 00:46

What dslr camera do you got? I love to learn photography! Enjoy!

Fashion Butter 08/03/2010 13:49

I have those same jeans. Aren't they awesome? I haven't bought Gap jeans for like 11 years.

Pretty Shiny Sparkly 08/02/2010 17:07

Heck no, I had one this morning! :)