Bad Romance

When I first spotted the massive platform affixed to these wooden heels, I had to have them. I remember becoming transfixed by Newlyweds on MTV with Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey way back when. I wanted almost every shoe she wore. Funny coincidence? I ended up aquiring this shoe in all three offered colors. Tan first, silver second and now the infamous black.

I relish in setting aside time for lazy days. These are the days when I actually have the time to sit in front of the TV and watch frivolous episodes of Who's The Boss? The Simple Life and Sex and the City. I paint my nails. Blend banana smoothies with fresh fruit, milk, ice and sugar. Lay out in the sun with a few magazines and cold water. I don't usually take well to napping during the day but enjoy reading a new book in bed instead.

HM dress, AA bodysuit, Jessica Simpson dany platforms

Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner: I enjoy Oatmeal with fresh cut strawberries and banana. I sprinkle cinnamon into the milk before cooking. I end by drizzling with maple syrup.

Ps. What are your plans for this 4th of July? I'm off to buy ingredients for pie...

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kim 08/25/2010 20:45

I love these shoes

melish 08/09/2010 08:06

I love the shoes! sexy! perfect pairing with the dress..

for the oatmeal.. try waiting the strawberries in maple for a while.. gives it the perfect sweetness..

caylee 07/21/2010 18:42

these pictures are amazing. love the H&M; dress of course :) i can't believe you own these heels in all three colors - i'd like to have just one color (black preferrably, lol!)

MARTA 07/11/2010 18:04


Stephanie 07/09/2010 13:42

maple syrup on your oatmeal! such a great idea and not sure why i didn't think of that!! the shoes look great on you with that maxi dress ;) xx