I was drawn in by the colors. "Last September IV" (acryclic on canvas) painted by Sam Gilliam.

Minimalism in large scale. I'm just sorry I couldn't manage to capture the entire work of Art.
"Pi" painted by Morris Louis.

The Madonna, Virgin Mary.

Louis XV, this young boy became the King of France at the age of five.

Seated Woman, Red and Yellow background. Painted by Picasso in 1952.

(Below) "Three Trees, Two Clouds" painted by John Beerman in 1990 channels an eerie beauty for me. Reminiscent of the too perfect neighborhoods in the films, Big Fish, and Edward Scissorhands. I wonder if Tim Burton influenced him at all?

(Below) Ursula von Rydinsgsvard Installs 19-Foot Cedar Sculpture. Ogromna, 2009. She creates her sculptures from 4-foot by 4-foot cedar blocks.

Topshop denim shirt, Volcom romper, Urban Outfitters bronze sandals, Rebecca Minkoff MAC bag.

I found another place where I feel at ease and completely comfortable, the Art Museum. I tend to gravitate towards quiet, wide open spaces where I can let my creative energy flow. I'm also partial to bookstores, classical music, libraries, and furniture galleries.

You can check out the video of the installation here.

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Vio 07/02/2010 08:48

nice outfit! I love museums

Yvonne 06/24/2010 01:15

beautiful art works!


Bostonista 06/23/2010 22:02

amazing! I love the green romper and the statue and the virgin mary. just beautiful!

Austin Macedo 06/22/2010 19:47



Tamanna A. Shaikh 06/22/2010 19:15

Fabulous! Fabulous!! So glad to see another art enthusiast! Love those art works and would love to see tehem in person. I'm planning to visit for some Picasso works recently!! Love these and YOU, Erika, look tremendously chic in that museum!! :)