La Via Roma

I was invited to Luisaviaroma's 10th Birthday celebration in Florence, Italy. Unfortunately my passport took too long to renew in time and I could not attend. If I were in Rome right now, you would find me strolling through the lush gardens, trying on shoes for hours and dining on fine Italian all to my little heart's content. Here's to romantic Roma!


Vintage cape belonging to my Grandmother from the 1940's.

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Diamond Engagement Rings 11/18/2010 04:31

Nice pics.

Mariana: Barbie is a bitch darling 06/15/2010 17:16

love the look :)

Georgia 06/15/2010 04:25

love your coat! x

Fashion Chalet 06/14/2010 14:37

Thanks, girls!! :)

means a lot to me.


Dip-tea 06/14/2010 11:38

That one gorgeous cape beautiful girl! :)