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Kimberly Taylor Tuxedo Jacket. Cropped and structured with Purple piping down the back as well as in the lining. ENTER: FASHIONCHALET at Checkout for a special 10% OFF discount. Expires June 10th.

Wren Tee. American Apparel Interlock Mini Skirt. Love Label heels. Noir Panther ring. Forever 21 coin necklace.

I've been reading a lot of new books lately like The Witches by Roald Dahl and Coraline by Neil Gaiman. I love books. Matilda by Dahl and The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein were some of my firsts as a kid. Every once in a while I like to channel my inner "child" and do "kid" things like reading Mrs. Piggle Wiggle or running through the sprinklers with a popsicle in my mouth.

I also rented Where The Wild Things Are and watched it last night. I want to hear your thoughts. I will say I expected more... just a little bit.

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Rach 05/19/2010 14:35

The purple lining on that jacket makes it extra special. You look fabulous!

Mallorys 05/19/2010 12:10

Very gorgeous Erika!!

I'm reading Anne Rice at the moment :)

Nina 05/18/2010 16:06

you can pull off just about anything!! I love the necklace...u remind me so much of Audrey Tautou :)

Hayley 05/17/2010 20:43

That blazer is absolutely stunning! The purple lining gives it an added boldness which is fabulous. The shoes are wonderful as well! (Your hair is gorgeous by the way)

I created a blog on saturday and would love it if you checked it out! We follow each other on twitter and I love seeing your updates!

jacquelyn 05/17/2010 11:17

I love that tuxedo jacket! I expected more from Where The Wild Things Are too, but it was beautiful and the music was perfect.