Leap of Faith

Isabella Oliver 365 bustier dress. Scarf and Cuff courtesy of LOFT. Classic platform pumps from Aldo shoes. Jee Vice sunglasses.

How was your Sunday? I hope it went well. I celebrated Easter with my family. Holiday reunions usually mean gossip, laughter, and food. We also made sure to pray for those in need and thanks for our blessings.

I ate so much this weekend. That vanilla cake I made in the post below? Well, I alone consumed 40% of it, along with 3 frosted cupcakes. Talk about cake crazy! I also tackled a homemade cheesecake and strawberry pie.

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Jennifer 04/20/2010 16:42

Erika - that look is simply smashing. So classic! That scarf is such a nice touch to a simple red dress. Are you sure you weren't born a few years too late? ;)


Ana 04/15/2010 10:37

You look so cool and lady like,

I love it so much, glad that I've found you.

Your outfits are so trendy and cool, I love all of them.


vegadorable 04/12/2010 01:37

i lovee that red dress. :))

penny. LA 04/10/2010 23:32

Unbelievably classic combo! <3

DarlingV 04/09/2010 14:13

Oh. My. Gosh..

I LOVE THAT DRESS! That color is amazing on you E!