Cycling Shorts

What are you all planning for the long Holiday weekend? I will be baking a big vanilla cake and topping it off with vanilla frosting and pastel sprinkles. Attempting a banana cream pie. And cooking up a storm of rice, ham and potato salad. I hope to take some pictures of all the food.

I finished reading Catalyst by Laurie Halse Anderson last night. If it were ever made into a movie I can easily envision Kate Bosworth in the lead role. If you have read the book, tell me who you think should play Kate Malone. What about Teri Litch? Mitchell Pangorn? Reverend Malone?

Volcom jumper. American apparel lace cycle shorts. Incandations earrings. Forever 21 bag. Jeffrey Campbell Potion boots.

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Thank you Samantha for the Blogger Profile/Feature. Socks play a role in Spring Trends: Check out this Feature from LouLou on Fashion Chalet. Thank you.

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cycling apparel 03/26/2018 13:00

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Violet 04/08/2010 12:24

i love this outfit... and the frst picture is my fave!

Vi from Cali

rossovelvet 04/06/2010 09:46

WAY sexier than Lance Armstrong !
No seriously you look great !
Fantastic peacock color besides !!

Becca Jane 04/05/2010 22:18

I love this romper, the colour is so lovely!

Patty 04/05/2010 03:01

I can see you've finally tried out the lace shorts Alexa Chung awhile back! :) Lovely outfit as usual. You look great!