All That Remains

Forever 21 rings. Essie nail polish. Sweet Valley Twins book.

H&M; finally opened up shop nearby! Talk about exciting! I even have a gift card to spend. I've wanted to explore their store for years now. I have a feeling my Spring looks just might be sponsored by their collections.

I'm on the hunt for: rings, dresses, skirts and pretty/frilly things.

What do YOU most want to wear this Spring?

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Vyque 05/27/2010 13:08

I remember that book, OMG! And wow, I never would have guessed those rings were Forever 21, I may need to go on a mini splurge!

plaisirs simples 03/30/2010 21:25

LOVE sweet valley high!!!!!! oh MAN that takes me back!

Erica 03/30/2010 20:14

I need that nail polish in my life! What color is it?
BTW, the Sweet Valley Twins just brought back so many memories. : )

thesocialcode 03/28/2010 18:52

love the accessories.
great blog!!

check out-


JenRem 03/28/2010 18:47

Really love that cross ring - where did you say it was from? And I forgot all about the Sweet Valley High books. Such a fun flashback.