What's in my bag?

Forever 21 bag seen here.
iPod touch, OPI in vodka & caviar polish, Calvin Klein wallet, Stila Kajal eyeliner in Onyx, vintage Chanel sunglasses,
Nokia N97 cell, Chanel glossimer in Paillettes, keys...
What's in your bag?

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Anonymous 08/18/2010 16:00

It is very interesting for me to read this article. Thanx for it. I like such topics and anything that is connected to them. I definitely want to read a bit more soon.

Bella Kuree

Chaos 02/21/2010 22:03

Funny thing is - I have both my white iPhone 3GS 16GB AND my Nokia N97 mini in my bag as well. How come you have two phones? :)



tina_mbc 02/15/2010 22:27

Oh, I love these kinds of posts! :)
Thanx for showing us what's inside your bag, love that you carry so little stuff, I must take notes! :)


ediot 02/14/2010 08:04

any tips on great apps btw? xx ediot

april 02/12/2010 12:02

I want an ipod touch D: