Emerald City

I took these photos yesterday morning after being invited to a tea party / brunch. What better place to debut Chanel's confectionery clogs than among toasted banana pancakes and soft blueberry scones? The wind whipped past my face and hair at record speed, leaving my fingers and legs with a frosty chill. Anything for blog photo opts right? ;)

Vintage hat, skirt and poncho. Nasty Gal Vintage leopard coat. German tights. Jeffrey Campbell Charlie clogs.

Forever 21 rings. Sally Hansen nails.

Nokia N97 phone.

Chanel Image Source: Coutorture

Sadness swept over me when I first heard the tragic news about Alexander McQueen. :( My thoughts & prayers go out to his family.

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Emily the Panda 02/25/2010 15:07

i love your shoes! i love your coat too, i went to shopnastgal to get it and by the time i got around to it (and i had the extra $ in my bank account) it was sold out in my size!! I shall just admire it via your blog. love itttt

Lexi Colby 02/19/2010 13:20

i love it girl!!!!!

tina_mbc 02/17/2010 21:10

OMG, WHAT an outfit! Amazingness all around!

And clogs are growing on me... if you asked me a year ago I would have dissed them in a sec, now I 'm seriously thinking of getting a pair for summer!


polka dot 02/16/2010 18:23

Another fabulous look, and so different from the one above it. The one thing you didn't source was the socks, which I think makes the outfit so utterly eccentric, quirky, & wonderful!

Yes, so sad about Alexander McQueen. Living in London, I've been really caught up in it.. even followed the steps from his shop to his home. I'll be going tomorrow to his shop again, a lovely 16 year old boy - fashion student - has told me they've opened the shop and people are coming to sign a book and just kind of pay homage.

I love how you added the Chanel shot, btw: and sourced your phone ; )

FASHIONPICS 02/16/2010 11:51