Dolce, Dulce, Dolci

As much as I love chocolates, jewelry and romantic dinners... shoes make an even sweeter surprise. Especially when they are Dolce & Gabbana, seude and in the shape of a pretty platform.
I finally got to experience snow this weekend, as in I'm walking in a Winter Wonderland kind of snow. We got 5 inches, roughly. I played, I ran, I threw snowballs and did plenty of sledding too.
The first fall was on Friday night
Saturday morning
and, Today.
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La Dolce Vita | Nino Rota

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Comment on this post 04/12/2010 17:12

I want those shoes!!

Jessica 02/09/2010 21:49

Those wedges are AWESOME!! So high.. and I love the suede.. can't wait to see the outfit you put together with them :)

his hers 02/07/2010 14:13

Crazy but I really miss the snow, never thought I would utter those words lol.

matilda 02/07/2010 09:08

love the shoes. perfect.
snow is wonderful, but when you get 1 meter as i do, you kind of get tired and just want green grass and sun..

stacey kelly 02/06/2010 20:42

LOVE THOSE SHOES. i want them so bad.

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