And every night we'll watch the Stars

Recently I have been: watching the night sky just after the rain clears, singing along to Britney Spears, watching My So-Called Life while snacking on cereal, dancing in the rain, writing inspirational quotes into my journal, supporting Haiti, running in the park with Sweety, making strawberry smoothies, loving knee-socks, lounging in my vintage Mickey sweater, playing with kittens, tuning in to Golden Girls reruns, painting my nails Gothic black a la Lincoln Park by OPI, practicing my whistling, settling into my favorite corner in Borders with a pile of fashion magazines, mocha coffee for breakfast, becoming makeup obsessed at Sephora, reading Nylon, hoping for Alexa Chung to make a US comeback, adoring Catbreath's collaboration with Obey, finding my high school yearbooks and reminiscing, waking up to sunshine and warmth.

Obey x Catbreath T-Shirt and Body con skirt, Aldo heels, Scarlet Room jacket

Playing Now: Paris | Friendly Fires

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your shoesssss!
i lovelovelove this look on you! soooo rocknroll!<br /><br />xo<br />
Love the pictures with the fridge! and your pumps of course :)<br /><br />visit me at!<br /><br />xo
I really love the lighting in the brighter pictures - works perfectly with the look. And that skirt is awesome!
Too cute!<br /><br /><3<br />Follow:<br />