A Taste of New York

Me in a taxi cab just after arriving at the airport.
Being in New York City for only two days was just a bite of the Apple.
I'm ready to go back for more and soon. I've never felt more "at home" than I did while I was there... stay Tuned!

Ps. Thanks for the Feature Glamour :)

Sleepy Chalet..... x


Fashion Chalet - Pizza from RoamAbout on Vimeo.

*Pause Song in Sidebar to enjoy video*

For now... a little appetizer, while I download the rest of my photos from the fabulous trip! So many things, including a few Surprises, to share and show.

Lastly, a fun little word game site that I found. Simply input your blog/website URL to find out your most used words. These will all then become compiled into a pretty little graphic for your convenient use. Courtesy of Wordle.

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Cafe Fashionista 12/23/2009 11:54

Congratulations on the Glamour feature, Erika - how thrilling! I tend to agree, two days in New York City is just a sliver of the magic it holds. I hope you get to go back soon - I'm supposed to be there in February, and am absolutely thrilled!!

Just have to say, I love your thoughts about people with the name Erika being generous...I couldn't agree more!! :)

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Stephanie 12/10/2009 00:14

ummmmm this video is amazinggggg. seriously. how much editing did you do to get it this perfect! it looks sooooo good too, makes me sad i cant eat pizza :( or anything fun, really.

tried wordle: so cool on fashion chalet....but it didn't recognize my blog :(...weird!

lots of love, lady!


alexababyface 12/07/2009 13:03

I love NY too, wonderful, and your hair is just...damn gorgeous.
( alexababyface.blogspot.com )