Now the Future's Sorted Out

I love to go to the Gardens to breathe in the fresh air, take notes in my notebook and nosh on bright green vegetables.

Any ideas on what you'll be wearing to ring in 2010 this NYE!?

I'm not sure yet... something pretty, sparkly and grungy all in one.. maybe?

Check out my SHOP periodically, as I will continue to update with new items. All at $20-$30. Always. Let me know if there's anything you've seen in the blog, you'd like to buy. I might just add it to the Shop.

American Apparel top. Bebe leather jacket. Donni Charm scarf. Barneys CO-OP bag. Danskin leggings. Converse All Star sneakers.

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Obat kencing nanah 01/18/2015 18:43

OMFG so cuteeeeeeeee♡

myvogue 01/20/2010 19:06

That's the style I totally love. Just instead of the sneakers I would put boots :)

ENID P. 01/14/2010 13:11

love the combo of leather, chuck taylors, and tights...

Tiffany's Small World 01/10/2010 05:35

love your outfit here!this is something I would wear myself!

xo -

skrryan 01/06/2010 19:02

I just love your page and your style!
Your scarves are tooo cute