Tomorrow Is Yesterday

I feel so flattered to be a part of Modcloth's Blogger of the Moment Feature. When they sent me this namesake dress I instantly thought of Balmain and how much I needed to pair it with my beloved Sam Edelman Zoe boots. A multitude of rings completeed the look. I can't get over how many cute things carries. In fact, I even put together a little wish list of my personal favorites that you can take a glance at.

Modcloth dress. Sam Edelman Zoe boots. Forever 21 and AfricanTeaParty rings.

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Blonde Caviar 12/08/2009 18:10

Crazy shoulders+ wedge rocker booties is killer! We love this style at Blonde Caviar.

Lola-Elise 12/02/2009 17:04

What an outfit! Especially those incredible shoes! Never a dissapointment ;)


frances 11/29/2009 07:04

so perfect, as always. your hair makes me diee, the shoulders are wicked also x

alixrose 11/28/2009 18:10

Congrats doll. I looooovveeee this dress. The rings are the perfect accessories! Rad!