Studs & Denim

Lately I have been having the oddest dreams. I don't know if it ties in with being cold at night, or eating an apple before bed each night? Either way, each dream gets more vivid than the last. In one, I had to chase a car down while trying to put my shoes on at the same time. In another, I owned a chocolate shop (that one probably had to do with my obsession over the Chocolate Shop Frenzy app. lol...)

I love trying to analyze what dreams mean. What do you guys dream about each night?

American Apparel Raglan & Interlock Mini Skirt. Vintage Denim shirt. Nasty Gal studded cuff. Sam Edelman wedges. Shop Suey bag.

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Love those wedges girl!

xoxo Nicole
I love this outfit,
I really like the way your oh so beautiful wedges give it an edge
Nice outfit, sort of a 70s preppy look :)
hi babe:)
it's so adorable, love it love it!
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