Shiny Stars

Fall means Thanksgiving, which makes me think of Charlie Brown. I love my new shoes. I think Charlie Brown would, too.

H&M; vest. Elizabeth & James t-shirt. Cheap Monday Skinny jeans. Kimchi Blue brogues.

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  1. I always develop a crush on guys who can either make me smile, or have really short hair. Some examples? Adam Brody (Seth Cohen), Christian Bale and Brendan Fraser.
  2. Sunbelt cereal is my new favorite "go-to" snack, I always have to have a "go-to" snack around, another is Chex Cheddar Mix.. yum!
  3. Thanks to Knightcat I have gotten re-hooked onto My So Called Life. It's all on Hulu now and all for free. Angela Chase & Jordan Catalano* = FOREVER. sigh.. (*I feel like Jordan Catalano is the most beautiful boy on Earth. The way he slowly let his thoughts sink in and simmer before even uttering a word.)
  4. Lately, I find myself constantly checking for updates on these photo blogs: FashionStorm, CartoonStyles, fashiongonerogue and Fashion-Canvas.
  5. The first thing I want when I wake up... is to be alone. I like the quiet.
  6. Chinese restaurants are always so cozy and I find myself most comfortable in them.
  7. Heard a delicious rumor that H&M; is planning to open up shop in North Carolina. YAYYYYYYY! Miami never had one...

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I LOVE your shoes!
Love these photo's !
Your hair looks so beautiful !
Love the entire feel of these shots!
Love these pics in the woods! You look so cute. I can't believe Miami doesn't have a H&M;! Congrats on your award!

xo, Becs