Ice Skates and Sweet Dreams

There comes a time every bird has to fly. Although I will miss Miami very much, it doesn't mean I might not come back.. in the meantime... some memories I will hold on fast to.....
Rainy mornings, worth staying in bed for. Long walks on the beach. Seeing the Sunset next to a flock of seagulls. Drinking cold coffee in December. Wearing bikinis under my clothes. Seeing 90210 in my room for the first time. Rescuing Sweety. Bike rides at night. Lincoln Road. Urban Outfitters at Sunset Place. Mango smoothies. Family.

I am so touched by Nicole's illustration of me. Thank you! :)

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Barneys New York leopard print cashmere cardigan. Vintage romper. Forever 21 bodysuit. Illana wedges. Bare Accessories bag.

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Ifa Fashion 12/02/2009 08:05

Nice blog

God Made Me fuNky 10/24/2009 20:07

love the leopard print with the floral one. and those wedges are so stunning.

Emma.Louise 10/20/2009 01:09

Stunning! The lighting is so beautiful...

xEmmaLouise @ An Extraordinary Account

Fashion Chalet 10/16/2009 20:53

^ =)

Jihan 10/16/2009 16:07

Those shoes are amazing.