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This weekend has been a little busybusybusy. In other words, hectic. I have been checking in on all of your comments while on the road. Glad to be home! I have some exciting news and surprises to share with all of you soon enough. In the meantime, I thought it would be nice to share some of these cool blogs that I've stumbled across recently... hope you like! :)

Photography / Creative -
Roam About (Florida local)
I Like It Shiny (Canada)

Editorials / Scans / Miscellaneous Fashion -
Alice in Wonderland London (I developed a crush)
Francais Parisien (always on point with her posts)
Diorette Scans (greattttt spot for past editorials)

Cooking / Food / Recipes -
Bakerella (she makes the cutest sweets)
Preheatb4 (great for recipes, ideas and always a fun read)

Personal Fashion Blogs -
Instantly Ruby (high fashion with her own touch)
The Cat Sound (there is something so Cobrasnake cool about the photos)
Lovely Pepa (she has a baby French Bulldog!!! "Pepa")
O's Style (amazingly stylish European woman)

Miscellaneous -
Just Jared (Frequently updated Celebrity news and photos)
Image Sheep (fast, FREE, easy to use Image Hosting)

Who else is amped for the VMA's tonight?
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Fashionista* 09/17/2009 14:59

tnx for sharing those links darling

O'Style 09/16/2009 12:42

Hey, Thank you for featuring me! I am so glad for it!

You look so cute giving a kiss!

And beautiful song! it reminds me I have french roots too!



Raez 09/15/2009 17:28

ah! thanks for teh feature my lady;) although my photosite is no fun ATM, all images of anoying PB bandwidth exceeded!

hope you have a great week!

xx raez

Anna Pope 09/15/2009 03:25

You are too cute :)