Nasty Gal Vintage

Experimenting with a half-version of the 2010 Alexander Wang braid. Extra fun once paired with a Nasty Gal vintage body con bandage dress and spike studded cuff, no? Sam Edelman, I want to marry every shoe you make. Or at least the Fall 2006 RTW Balenciaga identical twins and these studded wedges. Enter CHALET for an extra 10% OFF.

If you see any pair you like use code CHALET for 10% off and if your order is $99 or more you get free shipping too!

Nasty Gal bandage dress. Nasty Gal studded cuff. Sam Edelman wedges.

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OMFG so cuteeeeeeeee♡
o wow, you look so cute in that dress! I am trying to decide if I should buy this Nasty Gal skirt right now:
^ me too, the undone messy-ness is what I love most about braiding hair. Have fun with it. Do you blog too? =)


Love the dress, especially the cut-out back :) And OMG I adore that messy side braid! I think I'm gonna do that when I go out this weekend :) I am so into braiding my hair lately... ironic since I just got it layered which is not the best thing for braids. lol. But I love that this style doesn't have to be neat :)
Lovely you're hooooot. damn hot;)
I posted something new and i'm definitly back !
See u soon ;)