Heartbreak Hotel

Once again donning my Motel best. I feel like this dress, due to the intricate detail and burst of color, is actually becoming quite the versatile piece to my Summer '09 style. The perfectly placed Nautical stripes and delicate, large bows also make me smile. The music playing was influenced by the movie I watched last night, Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Drew Barrymore gives the "just right" cute voice her Chihuahua silver screen character, Chloe, needs. A kid film? Yes. Silly? Yes, yet adorable, too.

Motel body con dress. Gap denim jacket. Bamboo lace-up wedges.

You're listening to: DJ Bobo | Chihuahua (Beverly Hills Chihuahua Version)

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3zeros 06/19/2010 13:44

I love the style of these photos, simplicity yet high fashion, the shot from the backside is my fave. Great wardrobe and it suits you perfectly.

david samaniego 06/19/2010 13:41

I love the style of these photos, you look so pretty in that outfit !

Raquel 09/09/2009 19:18

OMG, thats the cutest outfit ever! i just loved it!!



Agent of Art 09/09/2009 17:16

great pictures, sexy look! I like it!

Caleb Poling 09/08/2009 22:02

I literally just melted, those images are so warm and inviting, its slightly sickening how much I love them.